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We are a global asset manager committed to innovation underpinned by extensive research in the approaches we pursue.

As index funds increasingly pressure conventional asset managers through lower costs and superior performance, we respond with fresh perspectives grounded in analytical thoroughness to bring value to our investors.

We serve a limited number of clients, allowing us to focus on optimal solutions for each situation.

Investment Approach

Our approach is differentiated by a focus on identifying and refining overlooked data sources offering insight for statistically driven strategies. We believe most quantitative portfolios inherently risk acting on stale information or themes that lose validity in rapidly changing markets. We instead track and analyze data from public sources generated through live human decisions and activities that may have predictive value pertaining to specific investment opportunities.

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We offer investment advisory services covering a range of asset management and financial planning needs for individuals, families and institutional investors.

We offer fee-based investment management services for individuals, families and institutional investors. We seek superior long-term returns emphasizing risk management and broad diversification in our strategies which are unique for the investment methodologies we employ.

We manage four equity portfolios which together provide broad exposure across global markets. Statistically based, the portfolios are grounded in a philosophy of maximum diversification. Our signature trait as an asset manager is an unconventional approach toward security selection. With prevailing investment methodologies having long lagged benchmark indices, we believe that only research underpinned by genuine innovation offers a likelihood of outperforming returns otherwise attainable through index funds over time.

We will seek to understand your objectives and circumstances before tailoring a comprehensive plan to suit your needs.  We will conduct an analysis involving in depth discussions on overall financial life goals, risk tolerances, time horizons, and special short and longer term factors that may apply.  Over time we will continually work together to ensure that your plan remains relevant and focused on what you seek to achieve with the assets under our care.

We offer additional investment options to accredited investors.  We appreciate your interest in our portfolios and look forward to speaking further in person.


Robert M. Sigler, CEO & Chairman

Robert M. Sigler is CEO and Chairman of Global Key Advisors. He is also President and Founder of Global Trust Group and Global Trust Ventures with over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, private equity, and venture strategy and management.   Robert’s background includes serving in the international tax group of Price Waterhouse and as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston in addition to working as an international equities analyst at S.C. Bernstein in New York in a career that involved assignments throughout Asia, South America, and Europe.


Josh Schein, President

Josh Schein is President of Global Key Advisors. Josh previously developed and ran the InsideTrack® portfolios at Morgan Stanley and predecessor Citi Smith Barney from 1996 through 2014 for clients consisting primarily of public company insiders before bringing the portfolios to Global Key Advisors. The portfolios seek to quantitatively identify and track “smart” money while opportunistically developing and incorporating additional nonconventional data sources.


John Hughes, Director of Technology

John Hughes is Director of Technology and Operations.  He is a co-founder of the Global Trust Group and has a deep background across a diverse spectrum of technology environments. His experience ranges from leading large-scale sensitive projects for Fortune 100 companies to providing strategic guidance and managing technology issues for rapidly scaling start ups.


Kimberly Toy, Director of Business Operations

Kimberly Toy is Director of Business Operations for Global Key Advisors. Kimberly is a co-founder of the Global Trust Group, serving as the Director of Business Administration, and has directed operations, legal, accounting, and vendor management for the Group and a number of its portfolio companies.  Kimberly has also served in interim managerial roles for several challenging high growth portfolio companies, planning and organizing rapidly scaling operations and initiating controls involving complex policies, procedures, and contract negotiations.



Global Key Advisor’ s core strengths are complemented by developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with key experts in the financial sector.


Global Key Advisors retains Deloitte as our financial auditor. Deloitte provides us with a deep reach into accounting and compliance for our portfolios domestically and internationally.


HC Global Fund Services, LLC is a fund administrator based in San Francisco with principals combining over 35 years of experience in financial services and alternative investments. This depth of knowledge provides the firm with strong technical skills in fund administration, tax, and consulting services for Global Key Advisors. HC Global administers our domestic and international private funds, providing guidance in all areas of business process, auditing, and administration. HC Global is not an affiliated company of Global Key Advisors.


Hall and Associates CPAs, Ltd. is an operational adviser to Global Key Advisors and a resource to our clients. The firm specializes in accounting, control and and tax matters with a focus on understanding financial objectives and presenting a proper set of services to meet a client’s personal and business financial and fiduciary needs. Hall and Associates’ specialized knowledge in financial institutional accounting is key to their success in providing highly accountable procedures and tax efficient structures for clients.

wp-howard-logo Global Key Advisors retains Howard and Howard for our legal counsel. Howard & Howard Advisory Services provides strategic advice on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to middle market public and privately held clients engaged on either the sell-side or the buy-side across a variety of industries.

Martin Capital LLC serves a full spectrum of investors, giving Global Key Advisors the breadth and scope to advise in areas not covered by our core offerings. Martin Capital has a keen understanding of how operational issues impact a client’s experience and a substantive background in the establishment of registered investment advisory practices, broker/dealers, and hedge funds. Martin Capital was instrumental in helping Global Key Advisors streamline operational procedures and develop turnkey client solutions.

wp-EchoTS Logo ECHO Technology Solutions is our technology partner assisting in the development and maintenance of research and analytical systems. ECHO works with small and medium size businesses connecting and integrating technology resources to client objectives.

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