Investment Approach

Drawing from diverse capital markets careers, we offer asset management services that reconsider conventional approaches to investing. We believe most strategies are destined to underperform in an environment where even sophisticated participants cannot sustain an edge over time while using the same data services and techniques as competitors.

Our approach is differentiated by a focus on identifying and refining overlooked data sources offering insight for statistically driven strategies. We believe most quantitative portfolios inherently risk acting on stale information or themes that lose validity in rapidly changing markets. We instead track and analyze data from public sources generated through live human decisions and activities that may have predictive value pertaining to specific investment opportunities.

We seek to remain neutral on immediate market direction and will not deliberately employ trend plays, macro predictions, market timing, sector opinions, or “gut” calls. We believe our strategies are unique because of a long-term focus on data scrubbing, synthesis, and back testing to harness opportunities arising out of an exponentially growing data environment.

Our San Francisco roots have given us unrivaled access to the highest caliber technology professionals through the city’s emergence as a major technology center. We have additionally benefited from many resulting opportunities for in-depth collaboration with top tier academic institutions in the course of developing our investment methodologies.

Josh Schein Discusses the Evolution of his Investing Approach

Josh Schein discusses why he began to use BIG DATA to find actionable market information, and the story may surprise you.

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