Investment Approach

We want to first understand your life, your circumstances, and your goals. We will work to tailor a strategy that considers your time horizons, risk tolerances, structural considerations, and anything else that matters to you. Over time we will work continually to ensure that the strategy remains centered on your objectives. Although we are not unique in having a client-centric anchoring philosophy, we believe it should be a primary screen for anyone choosing between financial advisors.

We employ both passive and active investment strategies, though we think most market participants are better served by passive approaches. The majority of active strategies under-perform because the talents and resources of one active manager are all too easily matched by competitors, and few information sources or investment approaches are unique. Even the most sophisticated players have rarely sustained an edge over time.

And yet, opportunities arise because recent times have seen information sources multiply more rapidly than financial market participants have been able to process them. At the same time, some participants such as corporate insiders have been able to consistently do well. We believe that market inefficiencies can support a small number of innovative niche strategies offering reasonable odds of outperforming benchmarks, and we look forward to discussing in detail how we reconsider conventional approaches to investing.