Josh Schein, CEO

Josh Schein is CEO of Global Key Advisors. Following initial industry experience with Bear Stearns and Hambrecht & Quist, Josh developed and ran the Inside Track® portfolios at Citi Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley from 1996 through 2014 before bringing the portfolios to Global Key. Offered primarily to current and former insiders of public companies, the portfolios have sought to quantitatively identify and track ‘smart money’ through rigorous scrubbing and analysis of data from public spheres. The portfolios are notable for bringing original perspectives to ‘smart money’ research. As an example, Josh was the first to discover that insiders earn steadily declining profits when buying shares on separate occasions over time whereas they conversely improve at selling; previous academic work had assumed that performance remained constant.

Josh holds a BA summa cum laude from West Virginia University and a JD from the University of Washington where he co-founded the Washington International Law Journal and published on the legality of proposed US trade sanctions under GATT. During college, Josh spent a year of study in India and a year in Thailand as a research assistant with Yale University investigating the foraging energetics of three species of Asian honeybees on a project exposing him early to challenges in data collection and analysis. Between college and law school, Josh learned Japanese, later interpreting oral and written communications for Citi Smith Barney management and compliance extending to detailed simultaneous telephone translation of discussions involving undercollateralized fast-moving derivative instruments.

Josh has played an integral role in several client companies, most recently helping an ESG-oriented telco executive to establish the first highspeed Internet backbone in the Brazilian Amazon. Josh is an advisory board member and strategic advisor respectively for Silicon Valley-based Lifeboat Ventures, a private fund targeting disaster mitigation, and TalaSecure, a cybersecurity company focused on ransomware. Josh has co-founded two energy industry companies with insider clients, one each in equipment (Pointer P&C) and services (Pegasus Power Solutions).

Josh engages actively with several environment organizations, notably, serving as a moderator, judge, and mentor for the Cleantech Open, the world’s oldest and largest venture accelerator devoted to clean technology companies. Josh was named 2020 Mentor of the Year and currently runs a large-scale study for the organization. Josh is also a member of the board of Acterra, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental engagement. 

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Lessons from Honeybees: Falling into Big Data Without Knowing It, by Josh Schein