News Release: Josh Schein Appointed President of Global Key Advisors

Global Key Advisors, a leading full service financial advisory firm, announces Josh Schein as President, bringing deep and innovative statistically-based portfolio management experience to serve our investment clients.

 San Francisco, CA, 5/30/14 – Global Key Advisors ( has announced the appointment of Josh Schein as President. 

Global Key Advisors is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Schein as President.  Josh brings 20 years of experience with statistically based portfolio management serving a client base comprised primarily of officers and directors of public companies.

Josh previously developed and ran the InsideTrack® portfolios at Morgan Stanley and predecessor Smith Barney from 1996 through 2014. The portfolios sought to quantitatively identify and track “smart” money while evolving to incorporate broader nonconventional public data sources.

Josh Schein

Josh Schein

Josh Schein states: “Global Key is an exceptionally credentialed team of skilled and experienced leaders from complementary backgrounds focused on a set of strategies unique to the industry.  I am excited to be a part of it.”

Josh Schein
Josh Schein

Josh will lead Global Key Advisors in managing several core equity portfolios aiming to compete favorably against index funds while providing broad exposure across global markets.

Josh holds a BA from West Virginia University summa cum laude and a JD from the University of Washington School of Law.

Robert Sigler

Robert Sigler

Global Trust Group and Global Key Advisors President and Chairman Robert M. Sigler states: “Our exceptional team has emerged from a lifetime of accounting, portfolio management, investment banking, private equity, venture, and quantitative market analysis.  We and our clients have been disappointed with of the state of modern markets and investment services. Global Key Advisors has been developing practices and solutions built on innovation and solid research to address these issues in serving institutions and family offices seeking quality.”

“Many traditional mainstays of investment management have changed to the point of no longer functioning as intended. Domestic and international market conditions have evolved to where tier one firms offer unclear value with resulting losses of brand equity and human capital. In our own work products we have quantitatively tracked a striking migration of top Wall Street talent toward smaller firms and private boutique models.  The advent of high-frequency trading – which we began to identify, measure, and counter several years ago in our strategies – has made it increasingly difficult for most asset managers to add value.  Consistently creating value is an art and a science requiring constant quantitative and fundamental analysis. With sovereign and corporate debt a less attractive counterweight to equities today, investors need alternatives more than ever.  We are excited to have Josh on board to help lead our efforts toward this end.”

Robert Sigler is the Founder of Global Trust Group including Global Trust Ventures (private equity), Global Key Funds (public equity), Crimson Capital Partners (investment banking) and numerous diversified private companies ( after an institutional career including Sanford C Bernstein as a senior analyst, CS First Boston as a mergers & acquisitions investment banker, and Price Waterhouse in international accounting and tax. Mr. Sigler was also a post graduate scholar with the Financial Accounting Foundation’s ( Financial & Governmental Accounting Standards Boards and served on the board of New York City’s Manhattan Borough Development Corporation.

Robert holds degrees from The Harvard Business School (MBA) and the University of Alabama Manderson School of Business and Culverhouse School of Accountancy (BS summa cum laude).

Global Key Advisors is a full service financial advisory firm in San Francisco, CA and Las Vegas, NV serving individuals, families and institutional investors.  The firm’s unique asset management approaches apply deep-research statistically driven methodologies underpinned by innovation and broad diversification.  Global Key employs Wells Fargo Prime Services ( and Interactive Brokers ( for trading and execution, Deloitte LLP for audit (, and HC Global Services for financial administration (

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